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We will continue to hold Sunday worship services at 9:30 a.m.
in the Great Room until the sanctuary is repaired.

Please note: Because of water damage to the sanctuary and the video room, video steaming is not available until further notice.

From the FLGA District, LCMS

There is a geat need throughout our district and country for disater relief and the people of our district have always been generously responsive to the needs of God's people. The district office will be distributing gift cards and cards and notes of encouragement to impacted people with your help.

Instructions for Gift cards:

  1. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Visa are needed
  2. Any amount
  3. Print amount on the card or card holder
  4. DO NOT put gift cards in an sealed envelope
  5. Mail gift cards to he district office c/o Lybda Voss,
  6. FLGA District, LCMS, Citadel I, 5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32822

Notes of encouragement

  1. Cards in an unsealed envelope should be mailed to the district office
  2. Include your name and the name of the congregation

The cross fell onto the roof damaging the sanctuary ceiling and letting rain accumlate to about 2 inches and ruining the newly laid carpet. Tiles by the altar have cracked as the floor has started to buckle due to the damp floor.

The office has resumed normal hours of operation.

The Internet and our WiFi is still not working so we can not receive or return email. Comcast says maybe by next Tuesday/Wednesday the Internet will be up again.

The phones are functioning so if you need to reach the office staff, feel free to call.

All activities, meetings and events held at the church resume Monday the 25th. Except Yoga. Yoga is cancelled until further notice due to the great room being used for Worship services.

We will be collecting for a special "Hurricane Irma" fund that will be used to assist those in need in our community as well as surrounding communities. If you have relief supplies to donate, pleas donate to Zion Lutheran in Ft Myers. Their number is (239) 481-0057


The audio/video room also sustained water damage on the floor.
Fortunately the equipment had been moved to a supply closet keeping it safe and dry.


Holy Communion is served at all worship services.

Sunday at 9:30 a.m.
The journey of the Ship is the life of the church,
charted by the Captain, Jesus Christ, who determines our final destination, the port of heaven, a place prepared for all who follow Christ and his direction to make disciples and bring the Gospel to all humanity by loving God by loving one another.
We invite you to watch
our service as it happens.
We stream the Sunday service with the choir. Recent services have been archived and can also be viewed.

Our services are videotaped and displayed on the internet and burned on DVDs for limited distribution.
Questions? Please contact the church office.
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Sundays at 9:30 a.m.