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Grant Application | Grantee Report

Foundation Mission: To receive charitable gifted funds, memorials and bequests that are managed and invested, to provide financial support to Christian organizations that spread the Good News of Jesus Love to all people. 

Since 2007 the Foundation has provided grants totaling $1,326,921.

Marco Lutheran Church Foundation's mission is to spread the Love of Jesus and be a beacon of light throughout our local Community, our Nation and across the Globe. We believe the Bible's teaching in 1 Thessalonians 5:5 "All are children of the Light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness." This Light brings Hope and Joy to those who don't know that JESUS is the Light of the World.

Marco Lutheran Church and Marco Lutheran Foundation understands as believers we have a unique opportunity to be intentional about spreading the Gospel of Jesus throughout the World through the grant process. Marco Lutheran Foundation continues to be blessed with donations from many donors who want to see the needs of all people be touched by the Good News of Jesus Love for them. If you would like to donate to the Marco Lutheran Foundation through a financial gift, legacy gift or to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, please contact us from this website.

The Foundation Grant Application Process:
• Grants are awarded in the first quarter of each year. 
• Grant requests must be submitted no later than October 15, 2023.
• Requests will be reviewed and evaluated by the Grant Committee in November and December.
• The evaluations will consider mission effectiveness, people served, cost efficiency and development potential. 
• Grant priorities favor requests where the ultimate product or service advances our goal of Christian Outreach. Grants will be made only to agencies that are not-for-profit.

An editable PDF of the application is available above.

To contact the Foundation, please fill out this form.

Grantee Reporting:
In order to remain eligible for future grants, Grant Recipients are to complete a report by September 30 of the year awarded.  The foundation wants to know if you met your goals and how were the funds applied.

Additional documents may be included with the report to better share the results of the grant.  

An editable PDF of the report form is available above.

For a list of Foundation Grant recipients from 2007 to 2022,