The Ship of the Church

For Christians, since the days of the apostles, THE SHIP has been a symbol for the Christian Church. The mast and yardarm form a simple CROSS (in wood) which stands for Jesus who saved us by giving Himself on a cross that we might be forgiven.

  • The CHI RHO (in metal) is a combination of the first two Greek letters
  • of the name Christ, meaning "The Anointed One" or "The Messiah."
  • THE WAVES symbolize the troubles and difficulties of life on earth.
  • THE SAILS are filled with wind, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, which empowers the Church.

Thus, the Christian Church, under the Cross of Christ carries the faithful safely across the troubled seas of life to heaven.

As we come together for worship, the cross of Christ is before us. We choose, you and I, to worship in a place and with people for whom the cross is both the sign of
salvation and the sign of Christ in our lives.